START HERE FOR SOCIAL SERVICES – The Clark County Community Resources Center is at 55 Civic Way, the same building as the Constable’s Office. The Center is a friendly, welcoming places where anyone can come for “One Stop”information and assistance regarding public benefit programs and other services available for people with financial difficulties or disabilities of any age. This includes all the programs listed below.

The River Fund – (702) 298-0611 
The River Fund is a local non-profit agency providing direct emergency and crisis services for individuals and families. You must call for an appointment before visiting the office.

Services include assistance with utilities, clothing, food, severe illness (some doctor’s visits, prescriptions or COBRA payments when an individual is unable to work due to illness), unexpected loss of life incidents, disaster relief in the form of temporary housing (due to the partial or total destruction of an family or individual’s dwelling due to disaster causing the residence to be uninhabitable), and other major hardships on a case-by-case basis.

Laughlin Family Services – A service of East Valley Family Services
(702) 845-0293 
Family Services offers the following services for NEVADA residents:
  • Application assistance and submittal for Nevada State Welfare (Food Assistance from SNAP, Power Bill Assistance from EAP and Family Assistance from TANF).
  • Medical assistance for financially struggling people from Medicaid and medical assistance to the aged, blind and disabled from MAABD.
  • Bus passes for employment and medical appointments
  • Birth certificate assistance
  • Nevada ID assistance
  • Work card assistance (proof of employment needed)
  • Project REACH (NV Energy assistance for seniors 60+ or active duty military)
  • Energy Share (Southwest gas assistance for anyone 18 years and older)
  • Senior Respite (Seniors 55+ caring for minor children)
  • Life Span Respite (Anyone age 18+ serving as a caregiver)
Laughlin Schedule – The 2nd & 4th Thursday of each month (the schedule may vary based on holidays) from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM.
An appointment is required – please call (702) 845-0293.
You may call the Constable’s Office at (702) 298-2311 to confirm the schedule.
For more information please call (702) 845-0293.

State Division of Welfare and Supportive Services (DWSS) 
(702) 486-4828 

DWSS works to provide public assistance benefits to all who qualify and reasonable support for children with absentee parents to help Nevadans achieve safe, stable, and healthy lives.

  • Application assistance and submittal for Nevada State Welfare (Food Assistance from SNAP, Power Bill Assistance from EAP and Family Assistance from TANF).
  • Medical assistance for financially struggling people from Medicaid and medical assistance to the aged, blind and disabled from MAABD.
  • Child support and child care services for certain eligible families as available.
Laughlin Schedule – Every Tuesday from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM.
An appointment is not needed – please call the Constable’s Office to confirm the schedule.
For more information please call (702) 486-4828.

Other Services outside our building located here in Laughlin

Food Bank and Community Clothes Closet 
702-298-9220 240 East Laughlin Civic Drive
  • The Colorado River Food Bank is a non-profit organization providing food and clothing free to those in need. 
  • Call first to learn the current hours they are open.
  • Local residents may obtain a food box once month at the CRFB. 
  • The amount of food and specific items may vary based upon several factors such as the amount of food product on hand and the number of members in the household. 
  • They also provide quality used clothing which  is offered on a first-come, first-served basis to clients who simply take the items they need from the display racks in our lobby.  
  • There are also other food assistance programs.
  • Donations of food, clothing, and clean recyclables made be made here as well.
Laughlin Behavioral Health Center (LBHC)
(702) 298-5313 3650 South Pointe Circle, Suite 208, Laughlin NV 89029-0423
The Laughlin Behavioral Health Center provides non-crisis mental and behavioral health care services. Treatment services include outpatient counseling – either individually or in groups – for children, adolescents and adults.

Other Services outside Laughlin

211 – Dial this number 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for referrals to critical health, human and community resources.

Finding Nevada Medicaid Providers
Finding health care providers who will accept Medicaid from Nevada is difficult, all the more so here in the Tri-State Area. Many offices will accept Arizona Medicaid but not Nevada Medicaid. To obtain a current list of Nevada Medicaid providers go to:
Click on 

Confidential Address program for Victims of Domestic Violence or Sexual Assault
(888) 432-6189 or (775) 684-5707 FAX (775) 687-9017 
Are You Afraid Of Being Found By Your Abuser?
The program works by granting participants the use of a fictitious mailing address. When victims enter into business relationships with state and local agencies, the use of the fictitious address both maintains the victims’ confidentiality and relieves those agencies of the difficult and costly responsibilities of maintaining confidential records. The program greatly reduces the risk of being tracked by public records. Another benefit of this program is confidential voter registration records. Pursuant to NRS (Nevada Revised Statutes) 217.464, qualified electors who become participants in the Confidential Address Program may register to vote and vote by absent ballot without revealing the physical address of the participant. Additionally, participants in the Confidential Address Program are exempt from Jury Duty.
Presently there are hundreds of participants in CAP, who are using the benefits in the program to further secure the lives they are living outside of the environment they fled.
Nevada Confidential Address Program
4126 Technology Way, 3rd Floor
Carson City, NV 89706

Nevada Employment Security Division (ESD)
(702) 486-0350 or (702) 486-3387 
  • The Nevada Employment Security Division  provides comprehensive employment and training services to Nevada workers. 
  • The Division runs the state unemployment insurance program. 
  • Employment Service programs offer job placement and training opportunities that assist job seekers in returning to work through the state’s workforce investment system, Nevada JobConnect. 
  • Job seeker services include job referral, career guidance, and skill enhancement training.
Nevada Homemaker Program 
(702) 486-3545
  • The Nevada Homemaker Program is an essential community-based service based on the principle that in-home care can help preserve or improve the quality of the recipients’ lives and reduce the need for unnecessary out-of-home care.
  • Homemaker services enable chronically ill, disabled and aged persons to remain in their homes.